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Building on their combined engineering strengths and commitment to customer support, SMC-Roe bring customers concepts to reality. The products range from Rack Washers, Tunnel Washers, to Vacuum Bedding Dispensers with object recognition technology and sorting conveyors.  Each product has numerous features with ergonomics, noise pollution, and green principles in mind.  Our systems are compact and compatible with other vivarium equipment.  They include HMI Networking for status and diagnostics, as well as intranet coordination between equipment.  We offer integrated systems with a validation protocol.  Standard and custom products are available.  Service contracts, refurbishments and upgrades are also offered.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

SMC-Roe highlights a feature for its Cage & Bottle Washer CBW1026.  The Central Spray Arm articulates from the top of the washer to the center of the wash chamber. This element is equipped with 16 additional spray jets, allowing more cages to be washed in a single cycle. It provides complete coverage and efficient cleaning. Customers with this additional feature have been pleased with its performance. SMC-Roe continues to expand and improve its product offerings.



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