Vacuum Bedding Dispensing System

  • VBDS 3900
  • Manual Vacuum Bedding Dispenser

Vacuum Bedding Dispensing System

The VBDS 3900 series Automatic Bedding Dispenser is configured to handle pulp paper and wood shavings, as well as bedding products such as cob and wood chips to flow into cages. Cages may be inserted directly into the chamber for automatic bedding dosing and loading.  The VBDS 3900 electronically measures and adjusts dose based on cage size. 

The stainless steel storage bin is located internally under the dispensing chutes, and may be manually filled from the front of the dispenser. Sensors for bedding levels in the bin display the level condition on the graphic touch screen. The bedding storage bin can also be loaded with the Vacuum Transfer System option.  These storage systems can be located as far as 700+ feet away or 8 stories from the dispenser.

Electrical –
•120, Single Phase 20 A
•440/220, 3Phase, 10/20 A

  • Consistent Bedding Volume – User defined bedding volume is dispensed with consistent repeatability.
  • Dust Containment – Removes dust from bedding products. Built-in dust collection minimizes operator exposure and keeps work area clean.
  • Ergonomically Proactive – Eliminates hand gripping and clutching of bedding materials associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Graphic Touch Panel HMI – With I/O status, cage counts, productivity tracking & more.
  • Safe Operation – Intrinsically safe design.
  • Retractable Work Bench – Optimizes work flow and space utilization.



  • Management reports – Cage count, throughput, productivity, ergonomic administrative reports
  • Automated dispensing of select environmental enrichment products
  • Vacuum Bedding Transfer System
  • Bedding Storage Systems - VBBS Automatic Bag Slitter or Storage Hopper
  • Compressor Pack
  • Casters
  • Remote Access Communication and Control