Bedding Dump Station Cabinet

BSC 6000
  • Overview

    Hepa Filtered Bedding Dump Station Cabinet for Safely Capturing and Removing Dust, Allergens and Suspended Agents from Laboratory Animal Workstations

    The BSC 6000 is a Class 1 BSC, HEPA filtered updraft cabinet for BSL-1 applications. The BSC 6000 is intended to protect personnel handling soiled cages by effectively removing suspended dust, allergens, and other airborne agents. The BSC 6000 can be fitted on the Self Contained Dump Station, SCD 6800, or onto bench tops, carts, or other dump stations.

    Clear acrylic construction of the BSC 6000 supports dual HEPA filter units, each having 300 CFM (500 CFM free flow) blowers and polyester pre-filters. The large front sash opening of 52" wide by 22" high frame with 8" or 12" wide soft vinyl side panels accommodates cage handling comfortably while maintaining an effective average face velocity of 100 fpm. An 11" high rear sash opening is provided with a flexible vinyl panel for pass-through applications, such as those when dump stations are located in front of conveyor type cage washers.

  • Specifications
    • Dimensions: 54" w x 26" d x 35.6" high
    • A total of 75.6", + 2" height adjustment, overall assembly height with SCD 6800 dump station.
    • Noise Level: 55 dBA
    • Compliance and Standards: NIOSH N100 rating, ETL, UL 3101-1/61010-1, ADA, SEFA 1-2002*, Federal Standard 209E certified class 100 table top clean room* (with appropriate optional filters).
    • Electrical: 1/60/120V, 10A GFI Outlet

  • Features
    • Captures Dust and Allergens – The BSC 6000 enclosed cage dump operation runs with interior negative pressure air flow and HEPA filtration. Outperforms all down draft stations for eliminating dust and particle exposure to operators.
    • Flexible and Comfortable – The front sash opening of the BSC 6000 is fitted with adjustable and flexible vinyl panels to provide average air velocity of 0.5 m/s or 100 fpm (range 80 to 120 fpm). The vinyl panels allow for optimal freedom of movement within the cabinet without compromising the face air velocity to capture the dust and allergens.
    • Versatile – The BSC 6000 is made for use with the SCD 6800 Dump-station, but may also be used as a table top hood or adopted for use with existing, non-Roe, dump-stations. Can be used as a Fume Hood when used with the appropriate optional filters.

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