Green Operating Policies


Paper/Paper Products:

Waste paper containing non-business sensitive information is recycled by the company in partnership with our waste removal service. Blue “recycle” bins are provided in the office areas and employees are encouraged to place clean, unnecessary paper into them. These bins are then collected and all waste paper is deposited in a separate paper waste recycle dumpster. Unnecessary paper with sensitive company information printed on it is shredded and used as packing material for spare parts or as needed by the shipping department.

Ink Cartridges:

Printer ink cartridges are collected and either re-filled for re-use or returned to a supplier who recycles them.


Corrugated board received by the company as packaging material is used to package finished goods for shipment. The company buys no corrugated products and it recycles all excess corrugated product in conjunction with its waste removal services.


Every effort is made to re-use wood pallets and crating materials that package components and parts shipped to Novair Corp, USA. When Audubon ships its finished goods out, much of this material is re-used. In the case of pallets or crating being broken, damaged or otherwise unusable, the wood is made available for residents in the local area of the plant. It is set out at the roadside a near a sign offering the material for free and it is readily picked up.

Scrap Metals:

Scrap metals are generated in our operation in a few different ways. When scrap is made, all efforts are exhausted to re-cycle the materials internally by using these pieces to re-form smaller component parts. Once this is no longer possible, both ferrous and stainless steel is accumulated in scrap barrels and when these are full scrap metal dealers are brought in to bid for these materials.

Used Machines:

Both the OGSI and SMC-Roe divisions at Novair Corp, USA regularly negotiate to accept and recycle used machines. In the case of SMC-Roe, most used machines are removed to facilitate the installation of new machines. Typically, they are taken by our third party installation partners and resold to other facilities or kept for spare part inventories. OGSI has established relations with some equipment re-sellers in foreign locations who are happy to buy our used machines at substantial discounts to the new ones. This allows our existing customers to “trade-in” their used machines as their needs grow and realize some benefit from them, while providing some very low cost equipment options for third world customers.

Lawn Clippings:

These are all mulched and used as fertilizer in the existing grounds. No clippings are carried off site to any landfills.


LEED® Certified Green Building:

In 2005, AMC built its new manufacturing facility on a remediated Brownfield site and implemented measures in accordance with the LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines in order to obtain its Certified Green Building status from the US Green Building Council. These measures included using recycled materials and installing highly energy efficient systems with consideration for ergonomic and environmental quality.

Energy Curtailment Demand Response:

Demand response participants like Novair Corp, USA cut grid stress by reducing demand for electricity during peak demand periods, thereby reducing consumption and stabilizing the electric grid. Novair Corp, USA particpates in this voluntary demand management program through its relationship with Energy Curtailment Specialists, Inc.

Network Auto Shut-Down

All networked servers, computers and lights in the building are automatically shut-down nightly at a regularly scheduled time in order to reduce energy consumption.