Automated Vacuum Bedding Dispenser


Vacuum Bedding Dispensing and Bedding Transport System

The VBDS 4900 is a true Vacuum Bedding System, combining vacuum bedding transport from bedding storage and a bedding dispenser with integral automated cage flipper and dust collector into a single system. The VBDS 4900 is ideal for paper pulp, paper chip, cob, wood chip, and for defined habitat-type laboratory animal bedding.

Brief Synopsis of Action

Vacuum Bedding Dispensing & Bedding Transport System from SMC-Roe on Vimeo.

Bedding is automatically conveyed from the storage via the integral vacuum system and stored in the systems hopper or silo. The bedding is fluidized to assure that it will continuously flow then measured/metered and channeled into the dispensing chambers. The portion controlled bedding is now ready to be dispensed into the centers of the cages.

The VBDS 4900 automatically determines cage size and bedding amounts then aligns cages as they leave the conveyor cage washer. The VBDS 4900 then clamps and gently inverts (flips) cages 180°, right side up. The precise predetermined amounts of bedding are dispensed into the centers of each cage.


  • 480V – 3 phase, 60 Hz, 40/30 Amps
  • 120V, 1/60/ 30 Amps; consult factory for 50 Hz or for special purpose applications
  • High Through-put – Adjustable to over 1000 cages per hour.
  • Ergonomically Proactive – Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other injuries caused by lifting, resulting in greater productivity.
  • Compatible – Will interface will most conveyor type cage washers.
  • Self Contained – Uses less space than conventional curtain style dispensers. Ideal for locations with restrictive room space. Does not require utility pump room nor any special facility design considerations.
  • Removes Dust – Fluid vacuum air carries away the dust contained by the bedding product. The vacuum air is filtering it through a bag or optional HEPA filter, leaving the work area uncontaminated.
  • Optimal Operation – Eliminates the need for manual handling and loading. Works with paper pulp, paper chip, wood shavings, and corn cob beddings.
  • Microcomputer Controls – Windows-based, easy to use and understand with self-diagnostic graphics, condition analysis, and cage count functions. Available with remote communication options.
  • Low Noise – Produces less than 70db @ 2' (Cabinet)
  • Fast Installation – The VBDS 4900 houses all the components required for the system to work. After connecting it to the cage washer and plugging it in, it only takes a short time to synchronize the computer – then just push start.
  • Discharge Conveyors: Gravity Roller, Power Roller or 90º Power Roller
  • Custom Sorting Conveyors: Separate cages from non-caging materials exiting the conveyor washers or various cage types