Automatic Vacuum Waste Bagging System


Automated Vacuum Waste Bagging System for Laboratory Animal Bedding Removal

The VBRB 7000 is an Automated Bagging System for soiled laboratory animal bedding and feed. The VBRB 7000 weighs, fills, and seals the soiled bedding materials in standard pre-made bags. Sealed bags can be surface decontaminated, autoclaved, composted (ASTM 6400) or incinerated.

Configured with a Vacuum Bedding Removal System, soiled bedding is received from one or more work stations via a vacuum transport line. The VBRB 7000 then opens individual bags from the cartridge stack. Soiled bedding is automatically proportioned into the bag by weight or volume, and the bag is automatically thermo sealed. It is ideal for bio-containment and satellite facilities or for incineration operations.

  • Electrical –120V, 60 Hz, 1f, 20 Amps for 3.5 hp, 13-12/6 Amps for 5 hp
  • Compressed Air – 3.5 SCFM @ 90 psi
  • Ergonomically Proactive – Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other injuries caused by lifting, resulting in less time off and greater productivity.
  • Removes Dust and Allergens – Fully contained, vacuum air carries away the dust and allergens, generated by the bedding materials. The vacuum air is cleaned by filtering it through a pocket filter or optional HEPA filter, leaving the work area uncontaminated.
  • High Efficiency and Capacity – Automated weighing and filling operation eliminates intensive labor. Fills up to 20 bags per minute.
  • Low Noise – less than 70db @ 2' (Cabinet).
  • Fast Installation – Compact size, allows flexibility in system location, including rooms with restrictive height limitations.
  • NEMA 4X – stainless steel construction permits use in wet locations including wash-down areas.
  • Decontamination rinse for post filled and sealed bags. Rinse maybe liquid sterilant, aqueous solutions or water.
  • Incline conveyor; moves sealed waste bags to tilt carts or other take away containers.
  • Available in 40" and 48" working heights, with 1/3 hp, 120 volt drive motors.
  • Equipment Wash-down Package, USDA / CFIA compliant.


  • Autoclave (to 121º C / 250º F). Colors: clear or red.
  • Bio-Hazard, (ASTM D1709-04,165g dart drop standard). Color: red.
  • Compost (ASTM #6400, #D6400-99 and EN 13432 standards). Color: off-white.