Bulk Bag Dischargers


Bulk Bag Dischargers – for delivery of laboratory animal bedding
The BBDS is a free-standing Bedding Discharge System that stores laboratory animal bedding, eliminating the need for storage silos and wasteful material handling. Use as a bedding storage system with one of the following bedding dispensers:

  • Electrical – 120V, 20 Amps, single phase
  • Compressed Air – 8 SCFM with Series 3000 Articulated Zero Balancing Arm
  • Ergonomically Proactive – Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other injuries caused by lifting, resulting in less time off and greater productivity.
  • Removes Dust – The enclosed unit eliminates dust, and does not generate any additional contaminants in the air.
  • Portion Control Dispensing – The built-in meter dispenses the correct amount of bedding and maintains the correct amount of bedding in the dispenser.
  • Versatile – The single discharger can supply one or more dispensers. A dual discharge unit will provide true seamless operation.
  • Safe Operation – The system was engineered with safety in mind. There are no augers or belts.