Multi-Port Vacuum Bedding Removal Systems


Multiple Port Vacuum Bedding Removal Systems for Removing Laboratory Animal Bedding from more than One Location

The MP-VBRS combines multiple Vacuum Bedding Removal Work Stations and a Vacuum Bedding Removal System such as a VBRS 9400 or a Vacuum Bedding Bagging System. Multiple Work Stations can be located in any convenient area, such as animal holding rooms, change stations, or central cage wash areas.

Work Stations may be Self Contained Dump Stations or a Vacuum Wand Station consisting of a graphic touch-screen microcomputer with built-in communication and data management capability options. Work stations are isolated from each other, on the main conveying line by a synchronous rapid acting valve to prevent cross contamination from location to location and waste receptacle.

Vacuum Bedding Removal Systems, such as a VBRS 9400 or a Vacuum Bedding Bagging System, VBBS 7000, combine the separating valve, vacuum blower, filtration system, controls, drive motor and environmental controls into a single unit. The unit may be located either inside or outside the building. Soiled bedding is discharged into any compactor, dumpster, incinerator, continuous feed sterilizer, digester, tilt cart or bin, including non-dedicated compactors or bagging equipment.

  • Discharge Cabinet: 208-230/460V, 60 Hz, 3f, 30/15 Amps;120V, 60Hz, 1f, 20 Amps, Cat 6 communication cable, compressed air 80-90 psi, ½ NPT
  • Work Station: 120V, 60Hz, 1f, 10 Amps, for workstation touch screen, located within four feet
  • Cat 6 communication cable, compressed air 90 psi, 1/2 NPT with disconnect
  • Ergonomic Enhancements – Improved productivity and reduced exposure to MSD injuries and hazardous materials.
  • Removes Dust and Allergens – Fully contained, vacuum air carries away the dust and allergens. The vacuum air is cleaned by multiple filtration steps, including membrane pocket filter and optional HEPA filter, leaving the work area and exhaust air uncontaminated.
  • Energy Efficient – The ISO 9000 manufactured separating valve permits Poly Dense Phase conveying, requiring 1/10th the energy compared to dilute phase to move equivalent amounts of material. Fully documented by empirical tests and published data.
  • Versatile Work Stations – Multiple workstations may be located in isolator change stations, safety cabinets or on bench tops, up to 700 feet from the discharge.
  • Quiet – No noise at workstation, under 70db @ 2' (Cabinet).
  • Easy Maintenance – The entire system can be cleaned and sterilized in place with liquid sterilants, without the need for dismantling or disruption of service. Serviceable non-proprietary parts are readily available of the shelf.
  • Easy Installation And Maintenance – Compact size, convenient to locate and does not require sealed dumpsters, water, drains, or other special facility design considerations.