Self Contained Bedding Dump Station


Self Contained Bedding Dump Station for Safely Removing Soiled Laboratory Animal Bedding

The SCD 6800 is a compact Self-Contained Bedding Dump Station that is designed for applications with either a single dedicated Vacuum Bedding Removal System or for Multi-Port Vacuum Bedding Removal Systems having more than one pickup point on a single vacuum removal line.

The SCD 6800 collects, processes (mills, mixes, and fluidizes), then meters the soiled bedding and feed into the vacuum transport line. In Multi-Port Vacuum Systems, the SCD 6800 synchronously meters the soiled bedding mixture into vacuum transport lines for a seamless operation.

  • Electric – 1/60/120V, 20A GFI
  • Compressed Air – ½ inch NPT @ 80 psi
  • Cat5e or Cat6 communication cable
  • Reduces Dust And Allergens – The enclosed cage dump operation runs with interior negative air flow. Optional HEPA filtration hood out performs all down draft stations, for eliminating dust and particle exposure to operators.
  • Uninterrupted Material Flow – The feed and wet bedding clumps are milled for particle size uniformity, and mixed for consistent moisture content, allowing for higher trouble free through-puts.
  • Microcomputer Controls – Windows-based program is easy to use and understand with self-diagnostic graphics and condition analysis.
  • Versatile – May be docked to the front of any conveyor or tunnel type wash machine.
  • HEPA filtered Bedding Dump Station Cabinet Model BSC 6000 for safely capturing and removing dust, allergens and suspended agents from laboratory animal workstations.
  • HEPA filter updraft with blower. HEPA filter hood with negative air flow also available.
  • BSC Class II Type A and B1 (total of 72" overall assembly height with dump station).
  • Vacuum wand and hose with switching valve assembly.
  • Environmental Enrichment materials separator and / or shredder.
  • Docking latch aligns and latches/de-latches dump station onto the conveyor wash (casters required).