Vacuum Bedding Transfer System


Vacuum Bedding Transfer System for the Transporting of Laboratory Animal Bedding

The VBTS 9000 is a computer operated Vacuum Bedding Transfer System that automatically transports laboratory animal bedding from a remote bedding storage area to any bedding dispenser via a transport tube. Proven lift to 10 stories. The VBTS 9000 is ideal for paper pulp, paper chip, cob, wood chip, and for defined habitat-type laboratory animal bedding.

The bedding is discharged from the system into the bedding dispenser at ambient (room) pressure. The bedding continues to be conveyed until the sensor set point is reached. When the set point is reached, the bulk discharger stops, but the vacuum conveyor continues (for a fixed period of time), purging the transport tube of any remaining bedding.

  • Power Requirements – 480V -3 phase, 60 Hz, 40/30 Amps. 120V, 1/60/ 30 Amps; consult factory for 50 Hz or for special purpose applications
  • Compressed Air – 80 psi, 8 CFM capacity, 4 CFM consumption
  • Ergonomically Proactive – Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other injuries caused by lifting, resulting in less time off and greater productivity.
  • Removes Dust – Fluid vacuum air carries away the dust generated by the bedding product to the point of the separating valve. The vacuum air is cleaned by filtering it through a bag filter, leaving the work area uncontaminated.
  • Continuous Material Flow – The patented separating valve enables an uninterrupted flow of bedding to the dispenser, increasing the conveying efficiency and speed.
  • Optimal Operation – Maintains the maximum amounts of bedding in any type dispenser, eliminating the need for manual transportation.
  • High Efficiency and Capacity – Uses 1/10th the power of comparable systems: conveying capacity 1.5 cu meters/hr (2cu yd./hr).
  • Low Noise – Produces less than 70db @ 2' (Cabinet).
  • Fast Installation – The VBTS 9000 houses all the components required for the system to work, (separating valve, blower motor, filtration cabinet, microcomputer, and all associated wiring). Simply connect it to the dispenser and plug it in. Being self-contained it can be used in locations with restrictive room, such as over bedding dispenser hoppers. In addition, it does not require any special facility design considerations.
  • Easy Maintenance – Changing filters, adding lubricant, and basic routine maintenance is all that is required.