SMC-Roe Advantage

More About Us

1) Our use of 100% non-proprietary parts makes our machines the simplest and most highly serviceable in the industry today. Factory trained personnel are available whenever necessary for any service problems that may arise after the machine warranty period; however, our standard on-board diagnostics, coupled with our industrial, modular PLC and related products, makes 90% of service calls unnecessary. We have selected our component suppliers based on our long experience in the washing industry. We use 100% non-proprietary, unmodified, off-the-shelf standard items, all of which are chosen based not on price, but on their industrial “hardness” and on their ability to provide long, trouble-free life in the harsh washroom environment.

2) We still use the heavy gauge materials common to the industry in the past, but which have become less common of late.

3) The spray carriage is driven by a pneumatic cylinder rather than a motor, capstan, and clutch mechanism. This provides quiet and energy efficient operation which will require little if any adjustment even after years of operation.

4) The washroom can be a dangerous environment, and presents a challenge insofar as electrical safety is concerned. Our electrical control assembly is protected by a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interruption Device. In addition, all control wiring exterior to the control panel is low voltage intrinsically safe. This eliminates any danger to personnel from any contact with live parts.

5) All valves and actuators are pneumatic rather than electric. This reduces maintenance drastically, while improving reliability, safety and ease of service.

6) All functions are directly available from the color touch screen, which means that each and every component can be operated and tested directly, reducing diagnosis and down time to a bare minimum.

7) Service/Training- We not only train your personnel on the operation of the machine, but train your personnel on the maintenance as well. After training on operation and maintenance has been completed, we will present you with a copy of the PLC programming ladder logic diagram. And, most important, the manual will contain a list of all the components and original manufacturers’ part numbers, as well as distributor information. We offer different levels of service contracts based on your needs.

No SMC-Roe customer will ever be stuck waiting for an answer or a part from us.

8) We are committed to the ideals of quality, reliability, and simplicity. We are committed to customer self-maintenance. In recent years, many of our competitors have used proprietary parts and devices to mystify an uncomplicated piece of machinery. This makes it very difficult for the customer not to rely on the factory for service and replacement parts. We intend for our customers to be the masters of their own fate and to be able to rely on outside assistance only in the rarest instances.