Glassware Dryers


The SMC-Roe Model GD1021 Glassware Dryer is a Stainless Steel drying oven complete with convection fan and temperature regulation. It is designed to safely and completely dry any and all laboratory wares.

Model Chamber Size External Overall Size
GD1021S 30” x 26” x 54” 36” x 32” 80”
GD1021E 30” x 26” x 54” 36” x 32” 80”
  • Large interior [(30"W x 26"D x 54"H) (76.2cm W x 66.04cm D x 137.16cm H)] allows several loads to be dried at once.
  • Temperature is automatically regulated to ensure fast and safe drying of any wares.
  • Two models are available: the GD1021E features Electric Heat, while the GD1021S is Steam heated.
  • A panel-mounted 12-hour timer allows unattended operation with complete safety.
  • Construction is 100% Stainless Steel, including all structural supports, for long life and durability.
  • Exterior is fully insulated with 2" (5.08 cm) of dense mineral insulation in order to minimize heat radiation and keep exterior surfaces cool.
Accessories: The Model GD1021 is supplied with two adjustable shelves, fabricated from heavy Stainless Steel wire and mesh. Additional shelves and clips are available for purchase separately, if needed.
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