At SMC Roe, our systems offer sleek and intuitive solutions for cage cleaning and refilling. We provide sanitization and bedding options for needs of all sizes, from small operations to large-scale vivariums. Our advanced technology allows us to automate the entire sanitization and refilling process, saving our customers much time, money, physical labor, and potential compensation claims.

Everything for the Vivarium

At SMC Roe, our fully automated system offers a complete process for cleaning and refilling. After ridding your cage of any excess waste in the disposal unit, our flexible hoses then suck up any remaining bedding and particles via our air conveyance system. Once any bedding and debris have been removed, your cage enters the tunnel washer on a conveyor belt. 

Inside the tunnel washer is an advanced, effective cleaning process that includes a pre-wash section, a second wash section, which is compatible with both acid and alkaline-based soap, as well as a rinse section and dry section. Optionally, the cage goes through a post-wash separating system which sorts any plastic pieces apart from metal and places them on different conveyor belts. The cases then proceed through the dispenser, which can determine what kind of cage is present and how much bedding is needed. 

The freshly cleaned and filled cage is then routed out of the end of the machine, ready to be stacked and used again.